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  • Learn dynamic and effective Self Defence Skills.
  • Learn self-discipline and respect.
  • Look good and get in shape.
  • Increase your self-esteem and confidence.
  • Improve your endurance, strength, flexibility, speed and overall fitness.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Qualified Accredited Instructors – Ausport Government, and MAIA accredited instructors
  • Australian Martial Arts Academy is a fully insured Orginisation.


  • Kids Self Defence
  • Self Defence
  • Womens Self Defence
  • Kickboxing
  • Hapkido
  • Taekwondo

Hapkido (Adults Only)

Hapkido includes a vast variety of arm and leg joint locks, weapon techniques, throws, kicks, strikes, and nerve pressure point techniques. Hapkido is no martial sport but a martial art, which is extremely suitable for self-defence. It can be learned both by men and women, regardless of their age. The Hapkido that is taught at the Australian Martial Arts Academy is also heavily influenced by other martial arts such as Grappling, Arnis, Filipino Boxing, Wing Chun and Kick Boxing more…

Taekwondo (by appointment only, $80.00 an hour)

Taekwondo is a modern martial art, characterised by it’s fast, high and spinning kicks. The sport was founded in Korea and is one of the most popular modern martial arts. more…


At the Australian Martial arts Academy we teach both adults and children, from the beginner to the advanced, from the physically fit to the unfit. We strive to achieve an atmosphere of both discipline and learning so all students can achieve their goals. Both adults and children train in the same class with the starting age for children being 8 years of age.

Private Lessons $80.00 an hour

Whether you want to learn new skills or improve the the ones you already have, whether you want to loose weight, improve your fitness level or have a tailor made self defence program specifically designed for you, we offer private one on one and semi private lessons.

Seminars Available

Seminars available for Corporate, Schools, and other Groups. Please contact us to enquire about rates.

What ever your goal, let the Australian Martial Arts Academy help you to achieve it.

Important Dates For The Australian Martial Arts Academy

For all important dates such as, grading dates, last lesson of the year, first lesson of the year and any other important announcements please refer to DJR Martial Arts Blog


9 / 12 - 18 James Street Baulkham Hills,

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